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how do you know if a supplier has true wholesale prices?

To get true wholesale prices, you need to buy from a true wholesaler. In order to be able to sell at or below wholesale prices, a supplier must be a well established wholesaler with a proper business set up (with a business license and tax ID). The only way a supplier can sell to you at a price that is truly wholesale is if they buy from a manufacturer in massive bulk.

The difference between a true wholesaler and a fake wholesaler lies in who they buy from, and how much they spend. A true wholesaler will invest tens of thousands of dollars at a time when buying from a manufacturer. A fake wholesaler will buy from larger wholesalers in medium to light bulk and therefore, they won't get items at the best possible prices and be able to pass them on to you, the retailer at the best price possible.

Unfortunately, many retailers are fooled by individuals acting as wholesalers when really they are simply middlemen who don't have the money or the contacts to invest in huge bulk.

To really ensure that you are only dealing with true wholesalers you need to make sure they are trusted and legitimate. The best way to do this is to access supplier databases from trusted sources. You can find these online by Googling "product sourcing directories". Most directories will charge a joining fee, but this is worth it as it can save you a lot of money by preventing you from being scammed in the future.


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